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Kelly & Brennen

Kelly and I have known each other for about 20 plus years, so we’ve been lucky enough to see the better times in each other’s lives and even the not so great.  After some ups and downs, Brennen came in to Kelly’s life and from there she seemed to be a brand new kind of happy that I hadn’t seen before.  Out at dinner one night with another one of our dance friends, Kelly mentioned how they met online and that when she and Brennen started talking, she just knew it felt right.    The next excitement in their journey together came when they found out they were expecting a little bundle of joy to turn their family from two to three.  From there, Brennen proposed backwards, and Kelly said it was because their love story wasn’t quite like what everyone considered typical.  I finally got the pleasure to meet the man who stole my friend’s heart, and he was everything she had talked him up to be and more.  It was such an honor to document this special moment in my dear friend’s life and couldn’t have imagined better for her.