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Aileen & Ben

abday2blog-51As if one day of celebration wasn’t enough, Aileen and Ben had to prepare for a day 2!  Friday was a day filled with family and friends, and Saturday was the big reception that both families had been preparing for.  We work up Saturday morning, and there was the rain.  Family and friends were at the church setting up the reception, frosting cupcakes and preparing for the evening.  As the time for hair appointments came around, the rain was in full effect and had no mercy.  As the time to celebrate inched closer, the rain took a break and we were able to get out for a short bridal session at the Griffith Rock Quarry just up the road in Penryn.  Before we knew it, it was time to head over to the reception and see all the hard work that paid off to create the vision Aileen & Ben had for their Lothlorien Forest reception.  The ceiling was draped with lights and chandeliers created custom for them, and the room was filled with friends and family from near and far.  Surprises trickled through the night, with a cardboard cut out of Aileen’s cat to our dad singing “L’Chaim” as his father of the bride toast.  Before they knew it, it was time to send these newlyweds off on their newest adventure together and wrap up a weekend of events that the past months had been leading up to.
As I do with all couples I spend wedding days with, I wish these two all the best in their new adventure together.  I still find it hard to believe the baby of the family is officially married off and back in Idaho continuing her schooling and making memories with her new husband.  How the years have flown by, and what a journey they are just on the very tip of beginning.  Congratulations again, you two 🙂