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Abby – Class of 2016


I received a text the day of my sister’s wedding from an unsaved number, asking about graduation photos.  I quickly learned that it was this lovely lady, and I was incredibly excited!  Abby, much like a few of my brides from last year, is another alumna from our dance studio that I have seen grow up over the past 20 years.  She’s spent the past 5 years since high school working hard and earned her Bachelor’s Degree from Sacramento State University just a few weeks ago!  We spent a few hours walking the campus for her graduation portrait session, and it was a complete walk down memory lane for me from when I spent time there from 2009-2011.  Some parts on campus, like the stadium, neither of us had ever been to until that day!  We made plenty of stops all over campus, being sure to find the perfect spots for this big moment in her life,  As you can see by her collection of stoles, Abby is a very dedicated individual and worked hard to reach her goals and make a name for herself.  I know this graduation is just the start on this new journey that is beginning, but I know she is already on her way to doing great things.  Congratulations again, Abby!