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Melissa & Jared

I’m sure I can guess what you’re all thinking… Didn’t we see a lot from Melissa & Jared’s engagement session already?
Yes, yes you did!  When we went out for their original engagement session in February, time was of the essence.  All the locations were equally fantastic and we could have easily spent SO much time at each one.  Unfortunately when we got to the DeYoung Museum on that day, we walked up in high spirits to find them closing the entrance gate right in front of our eyes.  On the plus side, this ended up meaning another trip to San Francisco where we got to focus specifically on this one location and it was fantastic.  We kicked things off at the DeYoung as planned, making use of the area in the open area right in front of the entrance.  After a quick wardrobe change we crossed over to the science museum and used the lush greenery that was perfect!  I had such a blast spending time with these two lovebirds again and hear more about the adventure of their wedding planning!