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Chrissy & Nathan

CNblog-1I received an e-mail on my birthday last year from Chrissy, excited to tell me she had a great guy in her life and wanted to capture their relationship just in time for the holiday season.  Of course I was excited, and started planning things right away.  I’ve known Chrissy for a handful of years now, as she was the band director at Del Oro during my younger brother’s sophomore year of high school.  That was also the year that I took my first documentary photography class, and selected the Golden Eagle Marching Band as my subject.  Our paths crossed again when I graduated from Sac State with a Bachelor’s Degree in Photography and Chrissy was graduating with her Master’s Degree in Music.  Since then,  Chrissy has continued to teach music at a high school level.  She met Nathan last summer, and just from the time I spent with them, they are quite a duo!  We spent a little time wandering the main area of the Old Sugar Mill in Clarksburg for some photos with all of the wonderful brick work, and then finished up in the large grassy area by the parking lot.  I’m so certain we could have easily spent all day wandering the area, the possibilities are endless!

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