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Aileen & Ben

aileenbenBLOG-2It is absolutely crazy that I’m writing this particular post.  So please bear with me 🙂
I vaguely remember the day I met Aileen.  It was March 29, 1996, and I still have the “big sister” shirt to prove it.  It’s hard to believe that just about 20 years later, we’re preparing for her to get married.  She’s come quite a long ways over the years, that’s for sure.  I know many of my friends remember her with her pigtails, watching my middle school sports events eating goldfish crackers.  Now, she’s away in Idaho studying physics with an emphasis in math and preparing to head back to the trenches and teach high school one day.  Kudos to her, right?  Now let’s rewind a little ways and talk about Ben.  Yes, I do remember the day I met Ben, and I have to say it’s a very appropriate story as far as Aileen’s introductions go.
I recall Aileen talking to our dad about the movie Maze Runner, and asking if the book was any good.  She mentioned that she was going to see it with a guy, and that was that.  After the movie was over, and Ben brought Aileen home they both came in to my parent’s living room.  Aileen was chatting with him about something, walks in to the room with the rest of us, turns to Ben and says, “and this is my cat, Mushu.” Never mind the rest of us humans in the room as well.  🙂
All teasing aside, it has been quite a journey for Aileen & Ben thus far and the adventure is only beginning.  I’ve watched my sister grow in to quite a strong young woman, and I am certain that Ben will do wonders in caring for her.  They both share a love of nerdy things – Aileen is a science major while Ben is planning to be an accountant.  Oh, and their wedding theme?  It has a very strong Lord of the Rings/Lothlorien Forest vibe.  Clearly they are meant to be, as she had no intentions of ever going anywhere terribly cold for college, and where did she end up in the end?  Idaho with Ben.  My mom and I journeyed out over the week of Thanksgiving for wedding planning extravaganza.  We got extremely lucky with freshly fallen snow on Thanksgiving morning for their engagement session photos.  I don’t know if I have personally ever been this cold in a long time, if ever, but I think it is safe to say it was worth it!  It is always hard to narrow things down to a few favorites, so I suppose my “baby” sister’s engagement photos are even harder!  Enjoy!